presents the inaugural

GHI Urban Social Innovations Lab

A program to enhance your skills in creating innovative social businesses for our urban challenges.

Be Part of the Next Generation of Urban Social Innovators in Abuja

Cities are continuing to be the launchpad and best means of achieving socioeconomic transformation. With 7 out of 10 people projected to be living in urban areas in the next 11 years, they are facing unprecedented urbanization and already playing pivotal roles in the support of life and economies of countries. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, conceived with a masterplan 40 years ago. Originally planned and designed for 3 million people, the city has a population of over 6 million people. This confirms the unprecedented urbanization it faced, inevitably exacerbating challenges of Climate Change, Pollution, Solid Waste, Traffic, Slums, IDPs amongst so many others. What do we do about these challenges?

The Abuja Urban Social Innovations Lab is bringing together industry experts to introduce to you the urban challenges of Abuja, work you through workshops to enhance your creative and business development skills in coming up with social innovations. The 3 main urban challenges to look at are;

The Lab has focused on urban areas due to the continued congregation of skills being witnessed not just in Abuja, but many other urban areas globally. The objective is to introduce participants to strategic spatial planning through the elaboration of urban innovations for a district in Abuja having waste management and handling, climate adaptation and sustainability as the main guidelines. The aim is to give participants a summarized experience of multidisciplinary solutions using short practical exercises and ample theoretical input to build up a simulated innovation plan.

The teaching approach is one where research and design go hand in hand (Research by Design). Participants are expected to actively participate in practical exercises and contribute towards a collective effort to understand the context and theoretical framework. We will engage a host of scholars, policy makers, designers, planners and other actors involved. There is a good dose of self-learning involved and we expect participants to be active, independent and critical but cooperative with other students.

You will be guided on how to think creatively, hone your innovative skills and development of social businesses.

Benefits of Participation

1. Learn how to create social businesses
2. Learn how to create new quality ideas 3. To learn methods of finding attractive points of a region and to create regional innovation that revitalizes the region based on its attractive points. 4. To better understand how people interpret ideas, develop mutual respect, nurture creativity and a sense of beauty. 5. To have confidence to be innovative. 6. Opportunity for mentoring towards World Bank Youth Cities Competition
7. Stand a chance to earn a direct selection for our Stage 2 of the program

Key Speakers


Baze University, Abuja

28th September 2019

09.00 to 17.00

Tea break and lunch will be provided

Eligibility for Participation

Participants can come from any educational background or at any level of professional career. Students, young professionals, employed, unemployed, NYSC members, etc. are all welcome to apply.

Participants must be interested in solving regional challenges in Abuja or their own regions.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should fill the form by latest 6.00pm Thursday 26th, September, 2019.

Click to access the form here.

Selected applicants will be notified by Friday 27th September.


Green Habitat Initiative
Transurban Signature Solutions


Baze University

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